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Post by ansh on Thu Apr 25, 2013 1:36 pm

Hi pals Mad
As u all know that Nimbuzz has blocked all Id makers Mad
But u can make 200 ids in an hour using "HOTSPOT" and "id_maker_v2.3 By $ae!d.71"

1)first start HOTSPOT and then start making with id_maker_v2.3 By $ae!d.71

2)select only 1 captcha image
after making 4 or 5 ids u'll get an error like this
иιмвυzz ι∂ мαкιиg тяιcк 2013_04_17_094841

ID maker will stop making ids

3)u'll b able to make ids again but this time "id maker will not stop working"

иιмвυzz ι∂ мαкιиg тяιcк 2013_04_17_095939

but unfortunately if it stops working repeat "step 2".

4)if after making a no of ids if you get error again and again change virtual location in "HOTSPOT"
иιмвυzz ι∂ мαкιиg тяιcк 2013_04_17_104356

5)enjoy unlimited flood id making Twisted Evil


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иιмвυzz ι∂ мαкιиg тяιcк Empty Re: иιмвυzz ι∂ мαкιиg тяιcк

Post by papel on Sat May 11, 2013 4:55 pm

Very Happy i wanna try


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